Leane Roffey Dream

On Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 10:54:38 -0500 Leane Roffey sent a note that included the following:

I might add, and this is completely off the subject -- that I had a rare lucid dreaming incident last night. I saw a glass hearse door, black, with the Austrian gold eagles on it, slam shut. It woke me up. I then saw a picture of somewhere very cold, with icicles dripping from cathedral walls, and what looked like a very big funeral. I was stunned -- some world leader had died. I think this is a precognitive event and wanted to record it to you so there'd be a time stamp. Someone will die or be assassinated soon.

While it is indirect, she feels that the foiled terror plot on the following day is an appropriate event to which the dream might precognitively apply. Certainly the world stage maginitude of the plot's implications are comparable with the influence a world leader's assassination would have.

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