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Global Relief Slide Set: On-Line Sampler

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Data Announcement 91-MGG-07

This set of 20 slides contains 14 global views of the Earth in full color shaded relief, showing land and undersea topography. The planet is seen from vantage points over the poles and each major ocean and land mass. Also included are a rectangular Mercator projection view of the whole Earth, as well as displays of crustal plates and their relation to world seismic activity. The images are computer-generated from a digital data base of oceanic bathymetry and land topography. The original data points were spaced every 5 minutes of latitude and longitude; the images represent a reduced resolution while preserving all important physiographic features. Other views may be generated on request, either as slides or computer files -- call us if you have special needs.

Need a custom image? For views not included in this set, different overplotted data, or other media such as disk files for electronic publishing, contact us.

For more information about relief products and data available from NGDC, try URL We offer posters, slide sets, and digital data.

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