Bombing as Bhutto Returns

AP: Bomb attack kills scores in Pakistan as bhutto returns to Karachi, Pakistan, Friday, Oct. 18.

Two bombs exploded Thursday just seconds apart and feet from a truck carrying the returning opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, narrowly missing her but killing scores of people and bloodying her triumphal homecoming after eight years in exile. According to reports on local news stations late Friday morning, 134 people had been killed and about 400 wounded.

Ms. Bhutto, who had spent eight hours on the open roof of the truck waving to supporters, had climbed inside the armored vehicle 10 minutes before the blasts occurred just before midnight, said Rehman Malik, her security adviser and close associate. Ms. Bhutto's arrival at 2 p.m. had drawn huge crowds, perhaps 200,000 or more, who danced on top of buses and surged forward as she inched her way for hours through her home city.

This is an important political event, as well as a great tragedy in the ongoing horrors of war in this unsettled region of the world. The GCP event was set for a 6 hour period beginning almost an hour before the blast and continuing for several hours after. The outcome is a strong negative going trend with Chisquare 21261.364 on 21600 df for p = 0.949, and Z = -1.635.

Bombing as Bhutto

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